Thursday, November 20, 2008


I started a new job a couple weeks ago. I am post production assistant on Mike Judge's new movie called "Extract". It is in the same vein as Office Space, a movie that I love. I am very excited to be working on it.

Max Payne ended and all the guys moved onto work on Season of the Witch, the new Nick Cage movie filming in Hungary right now. Although Hungary sounds delightfully decrepit, I am happy to be still here in L.A. and gainfully employed. Max Payne was met in the box office by what I would likely describe as mild success. They can't all be Dark Knight. I have high hopes for Extract. I think it will do well considering the adoring cult fan base that Mike seems to have accumulated since Office Space.

Our office will be a stones throw from Mike's new animated series "The Goode Family". I am hoping this will give me a glimpse of life on animation production, which is very much where I would love to end up. So cross your fingers I can learn a thing or two.

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