Wednesday, July 16, 2008

YEA for Employment

Sadly, Dark Knight ended. I suppose it had to be released sometime. Now you may all go out and enjoy it. Just so that you don't have to bother with the extraordinarily long credits and perhaps feel as though you missed my name.... it's not in there. The credits ran long and being the bottom of a very large totem pole... I was cut. Anywho ENJOY it anyway. The movie is freakin awesome.

I spent week or so in Milwaukee visiting and whatnot, extremely scared I would not be able to get a job when I got back. I did in fact have to turn down a show on the CW in order to take my trip as planned. And boy am I glad I did that. A few days before returning I got a phone call.... or rather I got 3 phone calls all wanting interviews the Monday I got back. It helps to have Andrea on you side (if any one was doubting that). I dear friend Andrea recommended me for two of the jobs that had called.

I got back, went to my first interview of the day (which happened to be the one I wanted most) left and ten minutes later I get a call and a job offer. I started the next day at 9am. :)

Now I work for Max Payne. Post PA extraordinaire once again. It's based on the video game and staring everyone's hero, Marky Mark.

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Anonymous said...


You worked on The Dark Knight and you're jealous of ME?



I must see that film now.