Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hollywood Forever

A whole bunch of us went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery tonight to watch "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Nothing beats watching a movie like watching a movie with hundreds of other living people on top of hundreds of dead people. It is pretty awesome. People flocked to the cemetery to watch the classic Hitchcock movie projected on the wall of a large building. So many people were going it took us a good 30 min to go just a few blocks down Santa Monica Blvd. two hours before the film even began.

Sadly, I will be out of town for next weekends screenings of Easy Rider and Blue Velvet, of which I have seen neither. If you get the chance to go, you should do it at least once. See a movie under the stars and over the stars...

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best line from "The Man Who Knew Too Much": Sorry we took so long, we had to go pick up Hank".

It is really funny if you've seen the movie. I swear.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah - I'm pretty sure old Al made the movie just so he could put that line out there.