Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Matador 4

Did I ever show you the apartment?

I don't think I did. These pictures are from when we first moved in so the poster arrangement has since changed (several times) to include mostly a lot of Dark Knight, but all in all this is where we live.

oh and the curtains there on the far wall are our screen. We have a projector. It's our home theater... with actually red velvet curtains. I made them myself :) with window curtains to match.

And when I say we I mean myself and this guy.

Don't worry. He's not as deep as he accidentally looks here. Not even close.


Jessica said...

Cute cute! Both the BF and the apartment. Come clean my place, stat, Ms. Tidypants. (ha ha! I almost posted "Ms. Tittypants." Whoops!)

patrick o'riley said...

hey, i'm deep!