Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Recent Food Adventures

1. I invented a soup.... or well made up an awesome recipe. It's something to the effect of roasted eggplant curry soup. It's delicious. If you wanna know how you will have to ask me.

2. I made green salsa (salsa verde for those of you keeping track). Strangely one of the tomatillos had a penis. I used it anyway.

3. I made a banana cream pie for the first time. It didn't really turn out. Fist and for most I did not have a mixer so I had to whip the meringue by hand. It was nearly impossible so that part didn't work quite right. Second the pudding (cream part) never got thick and solid. It stayed pudding so it was an all around failure. I will do better next time. The guys in the office will make sure I at least try again.

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