Thursday, March 5, 2009

Croonchy Stars

I need to post this because I just got validated about my favorite cereal that no one seems to remember. It was the Swedish Chef cereal and although I was apparently only 5 when I had it, I can remember it was the best thing ever. It made the milk taste like cinnamon and it was in the shape of these puffy little stars.

This was the post that led me to know I was not crazy and every one else was for not remembering this great cereal. Perhaps you too can find your favorite gone-but-not-forgotten cereal.

oh and just as a side note... I also miss ecto cooler :(


Anonymous said...

oh my god.

i've been thinking about that cereal nonstop since i was 8 years old. so great. i loved it, too, and never knew what it was called! we should start a petition to Post to get them to make that again.

thank you. i can finally sleep tonight. it's been almost 20 years. jeez.

Sleepy Panda Crafty Blog said...

Best Cereal Ever! No one remembers it! I don't get it! I loved that stuff!

Rachel Rose said...

Hi! This is hilarious - I actually found your blog by googling 'Croonchy Stars'. I was just talking about it with a friend of mine tonight -- he didn't recall the cereal ever existing either. I absolutely LOVED it as a kid, for the brief time that they made it. I was telling him that reading the box was just HYSTERICAL to me back then.