Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Pi Day

In honor of Pi Day (3/14) as in 3.14, Patrick and I threw a party. All things at the party were π related or pie related. We played games including pi trivia, pi-ku contest, and pin the pi on the pie. All games had pi-zes for the winners such as the movie Pi, the book The Life of Pi, a π-rate gift pack, a 3CPO bubble π-pe etc. We ate pizza pie, apple and pumpkin pie as well as had pi-neapple mixed drinks. Can't wait for pi day 2015. (3.14.15)

Here are the entries to the π-ku contest (in no particular order):


This may be pi day
But tomorrow is Sunday
So drink up bitches


If I were a pie
I would easily have many more friends
But I would be dead


Neverending Pi
I am lost in your numbers
More than you can know

Martin Broder:

Captain Jack is here
To sail into the distance
He likes to eat pie


What is a Piku?
It sounds like a pokemon
I like spaghetti


I like pi day lots
But I can't write haikus - shucks!
No prizes for me


So many cream pies
And all of them delicious
But none more than lime - mine - lime

Other Alex:

This game hurts my head
It makes me want to drink more
I have a Pi-grain

Reading the Pi-Ku entries.

Pin the pi on the pie

We even made everyone name tags.


Anonymous said...

you are a big dork and i love you.

wish i coulda been there... looks like fun.

also, i like meredith's pi-ku the best.

la MER said...

thank you jamie!

and rockin pics jess. love them! and if you ever want to discuss the amazement of pi for an entire hour while i stare blankly at you i'm so there! ;)