Saturday, October 17, 2009

Where The Wild Things Are - 13 days to Halloween

Things are moving along. Got the basics done, but felt the face needed more dimention and did not want it to look like an bunch of crap glues to a giant ball. I traced a circle around the eye socket area. I cut the circle out of the giant ball. Then fliped over the piece I just cut out to make it concave. Taped it in so that it hung down a bit and voila! eye sockets so that the eyeball can be recessed in the head.

Then bent done the section left between the eyes to get that lil indent that happens between your forehead and your nose. Held it down with a string tethering it to head hole on the outside, just till I can get it paper mached in place.

Added a layer of paper mache to everything. I have been alternating between news paper and brown craft paper. The news paper allows for very flexible curving while the brown craft paper makes a super thick and sturdy layer.

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