Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Poem

Meet Lou Lou Mae, she’s all sugar and spice
Though towards small creatures she’s not very nice!
She sticks them and squee-zes, prods them and pokes--
She’s really quite cruel. To her it’s a joke!

Her guinea pig Jack puts up with so much--
Treatment so heinous, he now needs a crutch!
You can’t comprehend what her dog did withstand,
Daily torture and pain all by her hand!

Lou Lou attacked the squirrels with her shears --
Naked tails resulted, well that and some tears
They had their revenge one night in a jolt:
Militant mammals, a furry revolt!

They brought torches and shovels and shavers and rope,
For poor Lou Lou Mae, there was really no hope!
She was tied down and tortured, never let go,
They sure took their time, revenge nice and slow!

So please remember all you good girls and boys,
Fish are our friends and ferrets aren’t toys

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