Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Test Shots

Alright so the trees are painted, Lou Lou has shoes, and the lights are all in place. I did a test shot and I put some different post effects on it. I really would like some opinions here.
1. Original/ Unchanged
2. Desaturated
3. Desaturated with color added (color may change with scene)
4. Original with color added (color may change with scene)






Zack G. said...

The lighting looks great. I think completely desaturating the image is unnecessary---you're already working with a nice color palette.

I like the idea of adding certain hues, but in your initial samples there's a little too much saturation. I'd suggest accentuating the golds and greens just a little, and making the shadows/blacks more powerful.

And how about a little vignetting to add to the "storybook" feel?

Here's a sample with bolder blacks, a hint of gold, and vignetting:


Anonymous said...

agreeeeeed. i like the first one, unchanged, the best. some subtle enhancement or texture, like vignetting, would work, i think. don't go overboard with the color changes.