Friday, June 20, 2008

MKE article

While I am trying to catch up on my blogs and all, it would be nice if I did things in order. Sorry...I don't know that I can really promise anything is accurately chronological. Especially since this atricle post happened just recently and I have nowhere near filled in the gaps yet.

A couple months ago I received a call from a guy who wanted to do a profile on me for MKE magazine. He did a phone interview and I didn't hear another thing about it for months. He calls me very recently to ask some follow up questions, which was good since I had done quite a few more interesting things (that I will blog about soon).

Then I find out they need a picture of me in the next... three days. Guess they were a lil pressed for time since they wanted the article out in the next issue. They sent out a photographer, I pulled out my muppet (all my Furry Revolt characters were in storage far far away) and took some fun pictures.

Then presto. There is an MKE article on me. There are a few inaccuracies though that I would like to point out. Primarily that I would never name a character BRANDON. His name is Wendell. Which is a German name derived from the word 'wonderer'. A far more appropriate name if you ask me, since the boy in my story is both GERMAN and WONDERS around looking for hiding spots.

Of all the things that could have been mis-quoted this is not so bad. Though I'm not sure how great it is that I said the word bitch, but it is completely something I would have said and probably did say.... so yeah I'm ok with that one.

Oh and that is the puppet I made in the picture in the article. Isn't he cute?

- i'm not so sure how long they keep these online pages available so if it is not there and you want to see it, here is a screen shot I took. Minus the ads :) Make sure you zoom in on it, otherwise it is completely unreadable.

screen shot

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