Monday, June 23, 2008

Naked Parade

In the far far away land of hippies (Seattle), there is a day when the hippies get naked. Many hide from this phenomenon, but others decided it would be better to just throw them a parade. On the first day of summer every year, brave but not necessarily attractive souls take off all their clothing, paint their bodies, and ride down the streets of Fremont on their bikes. The other people who decided this was a good idea follow them with floats. The floats seemed to be either bizarrely random, or uncomfortably political - hippies go figure.

At then end of the parade the hippies gather on the hill for naked togetherness. With their bottoms missing a sweaty triangle of paint where they sat on their bikes, they party into the night with overpriced food, restricted drinking areas and bad music. Boy those hippies know how to throw a party. All in all i give it two hand slightly covering my eyes :)

Some of the people were kinda awesome though.... these two guys for example.

photos by: Jessica Eskelsen

1 comment:

Jessica said...

Nice photos. Good thing you know such a ridiculously cool photographer. Wink wink.

Also, I agree with the political discomfort. The guy hauling the cross totally creeped me out.