Friday, June 20, 2008

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Ok. Let's go back a bit here. I have not made a decent post in quite a while, but I won't bore you with EVERYTHING that has happened. Perhaps just the fun highlights and the occasional quirky detail.

Christmas 2007:

I was still living in Tarzana in the house with my crazy landlady. She happened to "do foot sessions" in the back house for foot fetish men. She also would take fetish photography of herself and sell them after (not so talentedly) photoshopping them. Here is the best way to understand her.... her myspace

I was feeling a bit depressed and all. My job sucked and I was feeling kinda lonely. I missed my family terribly. It was Christmas and I wasn't able to get any time off. Then I received a package in the mail that was absolutely wonderful. My awesome mother sent me my Christmas presents along with a whole slew of our old Christmas decorations AND... a pre-packed stocking with every individual item wrapped so I couldn't peek. This was the one and only time I cried about being in LA.

One of those wonderful presents I had in fact requested and was terribly excited to receive. I was given a class. A MUPPET STYLE PUPPETRY CLASS taught by Micheal Earl (better known as Snuffy amoung his many puppet incarnations). his website
i made it onto the U.S. workshops page :)

The class was fun. I was not bad. Could use A LOT of practice, but I loved it. I learned how to preform with muppets. I even went home and made myself a cute lil guy of my own. More to come in the future. I want to make a small army of muppets.

Maybe I Might Make More Muppets in My Myriad of un - Mployment.

Let's just pretend that this gets to completely caught up to umm.... let's say beginning of March.
That is when I got my new apartment. When I get home from from my current trip to Seattle (which is becoming a pattern of what I do during my unemployment) I will post something about how kick ass my new place is.

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