Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hollywood Forever

A whole bunch of us went to the Hollywood Forever Cemetery tonight to watch "The Man Who Knew Too Much". Nothing beats watching a movie like watching a movie with hundreds of other living people on top of hundreds of dead people. It is pretty awesome. People flocked to the cemetery to watch the classic Hitchcock movie projected on the wall of a large building. So many people were going it took us a good 30 min to go just a few blocks down Santa Monica Blvd. two hours before the film even began.

Sadly, I will be out of town for next weekends screenings of Easy Rider and Blue Velvet, of which I have seen neither. If you get the chance to go, you should do it at least once. See a movie under the stars and over the stars...

obligatory link

best line from "The Man Who Knew Too Much": Sorry we took so long, we had to go pick up Hank".

It is really funny if you've seen the movie. I swear.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Naked Parade

In the far far away land of hippies (Seattle), there is a day when the hippies get naked. Many hide from this phenomenon, but others decided it would be better to just throw them a parade. On the first day of summer every year, brave but not necessarily attractive souls take off all their clothing, paint their bodies, and ride down the streets of Fremont on their bikes. The other people who decided this was a good idea follow them with floats. The floats seemed to be either bizarrely random, or uncomfortably political - hippies go figure.

At then end of the parade the hippies gather on the hill for naked togetherness. With their bottoms missing a sweaty triangle of paint where they sat on their bikes, they party into the night with overpriced food, restricted drinking areas and bad music. Boy those hippies know how to throw a party. All in all i give it two hand slightly covering my eyes :)

Some of the people were kinda awesome though.... these two guys for example.

photos by: Jessica Eskelsen

Friday, June 20, 2008


There is a really amazing game that will be coming out called Spore. I am really REALLY excited for it. Until then I will have to use the trail version creature maker. I highly recommend this download to tide you over. Make fun things with it :)

MKE article

While I am trying to catch up on my blogs and all, it would be nice if I did things in order. Sorry...I don't know that I can really promise anything is accurately chronological. Especially since this atricle post happened just recently and I have nowhere near filled in the gaps yet.

A couple months ago I received a call from a guy who wanted to do a profile on me for MKE magazine. He did a phone interview and I didn't hear another thing about it for months. He calls me very recently to ask some follow up questions, which was good since I had done quite a few more interesting things (that I will blog about soon).

Then I find out they need a picture of me in the next... three days. Guess they were a lil pressed for time since they wanted the article out in the next issue. They sent out a photographer, I pulled out my muppet (all my Furry Revolt characters were in storage far far away) and took some fun pictures.

Then presto. There is an MKE article on me. There are a few inaccuracies though that I would like to point out. Primarily that I would never name a character BRANDON. His name is Wendell. Which is a German name derived from the word 'wonderer'. A far more appropriate name if you ask me, since the boy in my story is both GERMAN and WONDERS around looking for hiding spots.

Of all the things that could have been mis-quoted this is not so bad. Though I'm not sure how great it is that I said the word bitch, but it is completely something I would have said and probably did say.... so yeah I'm ok with that one.

Oh and that is the puppet I made in the picture in the article. Isn't he cute?

- i'm not so sure how long they keep these online pages available so if it is not there and you want to see it, here is a screen shot I took. Minus the ads :) Make sure you zoom in on it, otherwise it is completely unreadable.

screen shot

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Ok. Let's go back a bit here. I have not made a decent post in quite a while, but I won't bore you with EVERYTHING that has happened. Perhaps just the fun highlights and the occasional quirky detail.

Christmas 2007:

I was still living in Tarzana in the house with my crazy landlady. She happened to "do foot sessions" in the back house for foot fetish men. She also would take fetish photography of herself and sell them after (not so talentedly) photoshopping them. Here is the best way to understand her.... her myspace

I was feeling a bit depressed and all. My job sucked and I was feeling kinda lonely. I missed my family terribly. It was Christmas and I wasn't able to get any time off. Then I received a package in the mail that was absolutely wonderful. My awesome mother sent me my Christmas presents along with a whole slew of our old Christmas decorations AND... a pre-packed stocking with every individual item wrapped so I couldn't peek. This was the one and only time I cried about being in LA.

One of those wonderful presents I had in fact requested and was terribly excited to receive. I was given a class. A MUPPET STYLE PUPPETRY CLASS taught by Micheal Earl (better known as Snuffy amoung his many puppet incarnations). his website
i made it onto the U.S. workshops page :)

The class was fun. I was not bad. Could use A LOT of practice, but I loved it. I learned how to preform with muppets. I even went home and made myself a cute lil guy of my own. More to come in the future. I want to make a small army of muppets.

Maybe I Might Make More Muppets in My Myriad of un - Mployment.

Let's just pretend that this gets to completely caught up to umm.... let's say beginning of March.
That is when I got my new apartment. When I get home from from my current trip to Seattle (which is becoming a pattern of what I do during my unemployment) I will post something about how kick ass my new place is.

Bad Blogger...baaaaad blogger

It has been brought to my attention that I have been a neglectful blogger. This is true.... I have failed what appears to be my fans. I must apologize for failing to update these things as well as apologize for not knowing any one actually looked at this thing. I appreciate that people read my blog and I feel terrible for the lack of new posts. I promise to bring it around here. I am unemployed at the moment and have a fair amount of time on my hands. This won't last I'm sure, but none the less I will attempt to continue to make up for my failures here.

Upcoming Blogs to look out for:

1. the awesome several month re-cap

2. cool stuff i have done lately

3. the hunt for a new job

4. new videos