Thursday, October 9, 2008

Calliope & Ichabod

My next animation is in the works. I am currently suck because I cannot find a suitable narrator. Any suggestions will be gladly taken.

Storyboards are coming along as well as a few set pieces already. I will post a few storyboards when they are finished, which I hope will be soon since they are the most frustrating part of the process for me.

Just to get you excited for the animation the first part of the poem is posted below. There is much more to come in the story of Calliope and Ichabod though so stay tuned.

Calliope and Ichabod
Climbed high atop a lightning rod
To find if they could speak to God
and ask his middle name.

He answered with a lightning bolt
that gave them a terrific jolt
of several hundred thousand volts
and set them both aflame.

No one would recognize the two
with hair of black and skin of blue
when they awoke in morning dew
and wondered just the same.

Who was this pious paradigm?
Though neither volunteered to climb
and ask the man a second time
to speak his name in pain.