Thursday, August 19, 2010

A Dreadful Opportunity Part I

A few weeks ago I received a phone call from a close friend on mine from college, Lindsay Nack.

Lindsay had decided a few months ago that after 5 long years of growing her gorgeous dreads, it was time to cut them off. As you can imagine, this is an occasion to be documented. Lindsay, being a photographer herself, knew that pictures must be taken and they were.

This was not really enough though. Lindsay wanted to document the actual cutting of the dreads. A YouTube search revealed that most videos posted of cutting off dreads kinda suck. We can do better than that.

So Lindsay called me for advice on how to make a stop motion video. Lindsay lives in Portland and I live in LA, so at this point, all I did was attempt to explain the issues and techniques behind turning her head into a puppet. I realized very quickly that I was way too excited about the opportunity to not jump on a plane and fly to Portland and do it myself. How could anyone really resist that?

So before flying all the way to Portland to shot a video in a single day, I figured I should make a plan. I set up a rig for the camera that was made of things around the house that Lindsay could find herself.

So we both gathered the supplies we needed, I packed my bags and flew to Portland. Stay tuned to find out what happened to these lovely babies.