Wednesday, March 18, 2009

San Fan V Day Adventure

Patrick and I drove to San Fransisco on Valentine's Day to catch the last weekend of the Coraline Exhibit at the Cartoon Museum (no pictures allowed). It was great though. After we went just outside the city to see the grave of Emperor Norton.

Pi Day

In honor of Pi Day (3/14) as in 3.14, Patrick and I threw a party. All things at the party were π related or pie related. We played games including pi trivia, pi-ku contest, and pin the pi on the pie. All games had pi-zes for the winners such as the movie Pi, the book The Life of Pi, a π-rate gift pack, a 3CPO bubble π-pe etc. We ate pizza pie, apple and pumpkin pie as well as had pi-neapple mixed drinks. Can't wait for pi day 2015. (3.14.15)

Here are the entries to the π-ku contest (in no particular order):


This may be pi day
But tomorrow is Sunday
So drink up bitches


If I were a pie
I would easily have many more friends
But I would be dead


Neverending Pi
I am lost in your numbers
More than you can know

Martin Broder:

Captain Jack is here
To sail into the distance
He likes to eat pie


What is a Piku?
It sounds like a pokemon
I like spaghetti


I like pi day lots
But I can't write haikus - shucks!
No prizes for me


So many cream pies
And all of them delicious
But none more than lime - mine - lime

Other Alex:

This game hurts my head
It makes me want to drink more
I have a Pi-grain

Reading the Pi-Ku entries.

Pin the pi on the pie

We even made everyone name tags.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Croonchy Stars

I need to post this because I just got validated about my favorite cereal that no one seems to remember. It was the Swedish Chef cereal and although I was apparently only 5 when I had it, I can remember it was the best thing ever. It made the milk taste like cinnamon and it was in the shape of these puffy little stars.

This was the post that led me to know I was not crazy and every one else was for not remembering this great cereal. Perhaps you too can find your favorite gone-but-not-forgotten cereal.

oh and just as a side note... I also miss ecto cooler :(