Thursday, September 16, 2010

A Dreadful Opportunity Part II

Dread Dismissal from Jessica Bayliss on Vimeo.

Here is the final product. Lindsay and I spent the Saturday prepping from 9am until around 5pm before we started shooting. Amazingly, we finished at around 2am (I thought it was going to take even longer). It took 9 hours, but we decided to power through. We were all tired and a little grumpy, but we finished! A few process shots below.

Jury-rigging a camera onto a ladder. It was the largest tripod we could make.

Leave the make-up to the expert. Emily Adams, our fashion guru, kindly offered her make-up services and like a trooper stuck around till the bitter end helping move Lindsay parts and take photos.

Lindsay was pulling popcorn out of all sorts of places after this part.

Its really gone Lindsay. Like a weight off your shoulders... literally.

Left to Right: Jamie Bayliss, Jesse Bayliss, Lindsay Nack

More behind the scene pictures and video to follow in "A Dreadful Opportunity Part III."