Monday, January 29, 2007

Scene #1

Here is the new version of Scene #1. I put a temporary vignette on it. This will be imporved later during post, but I wanted something on there to represent that for now.

Scene 1 test

I did a test of part of the first scene. I figured out a couple of things.

1. The head tilt doesn't come off as a tilt. I should just scratch that.
2. I need to hold the look to the side.
3. Generally, need more pauses.

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Motion Control

I put together the poor man's motion control. I used a tool rest from a metal lathe. It's nothing fancy. I can only do forward and back as well as left right. It does what I need it to. I did a test shot to see if it works and it seems to be alright. I'm just thrilled it works at all.

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Test Shots

Alright so the trees are painted, Lou Lou has shoes, and the lights are all in place. I did a test shot and I put some different post effects on it. I really would like some opinions here.
1. Original/ Unchanged
2. Desaturated
3. Desaturated with color added (color may change with scene)
4. Original with color added (color may change with scene)





Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Recording

I had the pleasure of working with Mark Metcalf for my voice over work. He is a great actor in the Milwaukee area and was kind enough to help out on my project. The session was very fast and easy. Mark seemed to share my vision as to what the poem was suppose to sound like. This is the edited version that I am quite happy with. Hopefully soon I will find someone to collaborate on so I can add a musical score to the soundtrack as well. I'd love your opinions on this one. Thanks everyone.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Lou Lou's First Step

I needed to do a motion test with Lou Lou to see a few things. First, I had not yet used the nice camera and I wanted to see if it would work. Second, I needed to see if the rig I made for Lou Lou would hold her upright and how well I would do so and third... can she walk?

Here is what I learned
1) her rig needs to be a little more stable
2) her tie downs need to be shorter
3) I need a remote for the camera
4) I have to be careful with the tree leaves, they are easy to bump
5) I have to find ways to hide the rig better

I was a down and dirty test, not nice by any means but I learned some stuff before getting too fancy with they animating. Better tests are coming. Just wait.

Monday, January 15, 2007

Studio Set-up

I have my studio mostly finished. I need to block off those windows and do some touch-up on the sets but its pretty much ready to go. I will be recording audio this week. After that is all edited and dope sheeted I can begin animating. It's all so exciting.

Sunday, January 7, 2007

Puppet Motion Tests 10fps

These are rough motion tests I did to make sure the puppet worked right.

The Poem

Meet Lou Lou Mae, she’s all sugar and spice
Though towards small creatures she’s not very nice!
She sticks them and squee-zes, prods them and pokes--
She’s really quite cruel. To her it’s a joke!

Her guinea pig Jack puts up with so much--
Treatment so heinous, he now needs a crutch!
You can’t comprehend what her dog did withstand,
Daily torture and pain all by her hand!

Lou Lou attacked the squirrels with her shears --
Naked tails resulted, well that and some tears
They had their revenge one night in a jolt:
Militant mammals, a furry revolt!

They brought torches and shovels and shavers and rope,
For poor Lou Lou Mae, there was really no hope!
She was tied down and tortured, never let go,
They sure took their time, revenge nice and slow!

So please remember all you good girls and boys,
Fish are our friends and ferrets aren’t toys

working animatic

Thought I would share some of my progress with my adoring fans. Enjoy the pictures.