Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wild Inspiration

Last October I documented the building of my Where the Wild Things Are costume. I never intended it to be step by step instructions for creating your own wild thing, but apparently they could be used as such if you happened to find yourself with the desire, time, and crafty skills to pull it off.

A few months back I received an email from a stranger with a few questions about my wild thing. After a few clarifications on my process she got to work. I never expected to hear back from her with pictures of a finished wild thing of her own, but amazingly I did. Thank you Amy Skinner for sharing your photos with me. You did a fantastic job and it looks fabulous. Seems like you may have even improved upon the design.

Amy's brother even wore the costume to work..... he's an orthodontist.

Thanks again Amy for sending me the finished photos. It turned out great and I am glad I could help.


The life of MeMe said...

You were such a BIG help. Thanks for all the tips and for sharing your skills. You are so talented.

Evie said...

haha that is awesome! loved watching your making of video too!