Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Blake Thomas Puppet Idea

I am in the process of making a Blake Thomas puppet with the idea that I could make a music video for one of Blake's song once it is finished.

The video quality is not very good here, but this is a live performance of the song I want thinking about using. I am open to suggestion though, if any Blake Thomas fans would like to see a different song used. Just leave me a comment about it.

Watch this. He just needs a to be a puppet, right?

So this is my initial concept drawing.

I think it is all in the eyes. Sad eyes and red hair.

The Jim Henson company made a few muppets for a preformance of The Country Trio. Each puppet looked like it's puppeteer: Jim Henson, Frank Oz, and Jerry Nelson. I would like to go for a similar style with this puppet. I posted one of their performances below.

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Anonymous said...

Awesome idea!! If you need any help let me know- I am a professional puppet builder and love the idea.

PS- My blog is