Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Storage Woes

I promise I am not being lazy about making things and posting about it. My entire life has been put on hold and into storage since the end of January. I moved out of my apartment. Unfortunately, I have yet to move in somewhere else. So for the time being everything, sans a couple suitcases of clothes and other necessities, is in storage.

I have been itchin' to get back to work on something but I have no idea where anything is and probably won't for another couple weeks. I know I have been attempting to buy this condo since April of '09, but I really think we might be getting close now. Cross your fingers and maybe I will be able to unpack and start blogging again by March :)


Swany Design said...

I recently found your blog, I look forward to your return!

Anonymous said...

Yes, quite

Amanda Wissmann said...

Hi! I also recently found your blog and cant wait to see more. Ive been browsing through past posts and WOW! I am impressed by your work, AMAZING! Keep it up and hope you get settled somewhere soon! :)